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Together We Will Build a Better Future


NC 7th District Republican Primary


May 17th, 2022

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Join Us In Supporting Our Next Congressman And Hear How Max Will Unite, Represent And Champion For North Carolina


We’re a community of individuals who are no longer willing to sit back and wait for a better future. Our vision of an inclusive, caring society motivates us to work tirelessly and never give up. We are the blue collar, paycheck-to-paycheck workers who are tired of rich career lobbyists and politicians who do not truly represent the majority of our district. Our mission is to bring together like-minded individuals from all walks of life to push for a candidate who truly represents the majority of North Carolinians- will you be one of them? Support Max for Congress.

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Meet Max Beckwith


 Max decided to run for Congress because of the turmoil over this last year compounded with President Biden's ineffective and inept leadership. If that wasn't enough, the rampant corruption and overspending in Congress should give every American pause to question our leadership. The trillions of dollars spent in foreign conflicts and the longest war in modern history demand being addressed NOW. The cramming of socialist policies into every bill to hide the fact they are robbing us of our taxpayer dollars for things most Americans  do not support or could care less for. It needs to stop NOW, or our Republic will be no more.

The American First veterans across the country are standing up and saying NO. NO to the inept leadership and cronyism in Congress. NO to continued overspending at the taxpayers’ expense. NO to allowing corrupt politicians to continue to embezzle money from the taxpayers.  These “politicians for life” need to move aside and let a new generation represent our constituents in Congress —a  generation that has spent the last 20 years fighting the War on Terror and is not about to let the lives of all those who died in Afghanistan and Iraq be sacrificed for nothing.

Our incumbent is running  for his 5th term for Congress, this being the 3rd consecutive term running unopposed in the Republican Primary. While our incumbent and Max share a number of views, such as the importance of preserving North Carolina's beach re-nourishment programs, they vary on a few key issues. More importantly, Max feels that for the good of the Republic no candidate should go unchallenged in their primary: Competition breeds betterment.​ Max believes in term limits and feels our incumbent has been in the House of Representatives long enough. Term limits will be one of the first bills Max will introduce when he gets to Congress.



Max's America First Promises

  • Preserving personal liberty and freedom such as: Protecting 2nd Amendment Rights, Religious Freedoms, and Freedom of Speech

  •  Protect Veteran Rights

  • Abolish Critical Race Theory and Gender Theory from school curriculum 

  • Finish border wall and secure our nation from external threats

  • Add all private and commercial farm land to our national strategic resources. Stop allowing foreign powers to buy up American farm land

  • Eliminate the state tax on out-of-state retirement accounts

  • Support anti-mask mandates and anti-vaccine passport cards and mandates

  • Pro-term limits

  • Limiting government overreach and reigning in government overspending

  • Returning power back to the States

  • Having equal treatment and punishment under the law for politicians and career bureaucrats 

  • Limiting bills to a reasonable number of pages, with reasonable time for review (No more 2000+ page bills with less than 48 hours to review)

  • Expanding federal funding to combat human and drug trafficking

  • Providing school choice and expanding the voucher system and lottery for low income families. 

  • Expanding trade programs and apprenticeships in high schools

  • Preserving historical sites, nature preserves, and wildlife conservation

  • Increasing penalties for animal neglect and abuse


The Anti-America, Unconstitutional

Voting Record of Our Incumbent

  • H.R. 4350 (117th Congress). Voted for the latest National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which has 'Red Flag' legislation in it. Red Flag laws allow for the unlawful theft of a citizen's firearms without a warrant and without being convicted of a crime.

  • House Vote #159 (117th Congress). Voted with 68 other RINOs on the motion to suspend the rules and pass certain bills. 

  • H.R. 133 (116th Congress). This was a "Covid Relief" bill that added $1.4 trillion dollars for special interest spending.

  • H.R. 6201 (116th Congress). This was a small business-killing coronavirus emergency legislation.

  • H.R. 131 (116th Congress). This was a bill that reduced accountability in Congress by making Federal pay mandatory spending.

  • H. Res. 1181 (115th Congress). This bill squashed debate on US involvement in foreign wars.

  • H.R. 2 (115th Congress). This was a $900 billion farming bill that had a multitude of socialist policies included.

  • H.R. 1370 (115th Congress). This bill became the vehicle for passage of the increased spending provisions by $81 Billion funding Obama priorities and gave Planned Parenthood a raise (on 09/29/2016).

  • S. 139 (115th Congress). This bill was the vehicle for passage of the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017. The bill extended so-called "section 702" government surveillance under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Our incumbent started out good, but he does not represent the majority of this counties residents: he represents the special interests and establishment elites.

He has become part of the problem in DC of career politicians just getting-along-to-go-along. 


It is time for him to step aside. Career politicians will not solve the problems created by career politicians. It's time to let an average blue collar worker make some real changes to provide a better alternative to represent North Carolinians. Max has served this great Country once, and he knows what's worth fighting for. Max has signed that blank check to Uncle Sam to fight for American ideals and principles. Max does not take special interest or lobbyist money. Max knows what it's like to start a business from nothing. Max has already self-imposed term limits before even being elected, and Max wants to go to Congress and return the People's House to the People. Max promises to best serve the ideals, values, and ethics of the great and hardworking people of North Carolina. Semper Fi.

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April 19th

North Brunswick Republican Club Meeting

7:00 PM @ 1120 E. Cutlar Crossing, Leland, NC

Suite 200

April 20th


5:00 PM - 7:00 PM @ Johnny Luke's Kitchen Bar

5500 Market Street, Wilmington, NC

April 22nd

Smoking Shields Golf Tournament

10:00 AM  @ Olde Point Country Club

513 Country Club Rd., Hampstead, NC 

April 23rd

Carolina Beach Car Show

10:00 AM  @ 306 Lake Park Blvd., Carolina Beach, NC

St. James Plantation

Meet & Greet

3:00 PM @ 2713 St. James Drive, Southport, NC

April 24th

40th Annual Fayetteville Dogwood Festival

5:00 PM  @ Festival Park, Fayetteville, NC

April 26th

Pender Post and Voice

7:00 PM @ The Hampstead Annex

15060 US-17, Hampstead, NC

April 27th

CAAG Meeting

5:00 PM @ Carolina BBQ & Seafood

1602 S. College Rd., Wilmington, NC

April 28th

Olde Point Fundraiser

6:00 PM @ Olde Point Country Club

513 Country Club Rd., Hampstead, NC 

NHC GOP Meeting

6:30 PM @ Wilmington GOP Headquarters

April 30th

NC 7th District Convention

1:30 PM @ Elizabethtown Baptist Church

1800 W. Broad St., Elizabethtown, NC 28337

NC Strawberry Festival

5:00 PM @ 202 Brown St., Chadbourn, NC

May 5th

NHC Candidate Meet & Greet

6:00 PM @ Wilmington GOP Headquarters

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Max Beckwith for Congress

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—  Max Southworth-Beckwith

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