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"My number one goal in Congress is to fight the corruption that has ingrained itself into our beloved nation. I will fight every day to return the People's House back to the people. I will push against those who have become fat on the taxpayers dime and lined their own pockets with backroom deals, lobbyist money, and insider trading (yes I'm calling you out Nancy Pelosi). I will give everything I have to bring honor back to the People's House, limit government spending, reduce government down to the core essentials so that everyday Americans can have faith once again in their representatives. I do not work for lobbyists or special interests, I do not work for big business or big government; I will work for you, the people who have put your trust in me to act as your voice in the People's House."


The War on Terror was originally intended upon getting those persons who attacked us on 9-11, and to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice. Instead, the narrative changed over and over again as to why we were there. Finally, we pull out of Afghanistan after 20 years. Unfortunately President Joe Biden and his staff messed up so horribly that we might have to go back in. Whether this was intentional or just incompetence, nonetheless it has made us the laughing stock of the world with our allies and enemies.


President Biden and progressives fight tooth and nail for anti-gun legislation, yet President Biden gave over $85 Billion dollars of military hardware. This is such a threat to national security, and such a mishandling of the entire affair that President Biden should be removed from office. If a military officer or enlisted personnel allowed a fraction of what President Biden left for the enemy, they would be court martialed and on their way to the brig (jail). 

As an American First candidate, I believe in stopping the forever wars and nation building. We need to stop wasting tax dollars overseas and reinvest those tax dollars here at home. We need to pull the over $41 Billion dollars we send in over 180 nations every year (FY 2022 budget request is $58.5 Billion), re-evaluate and name the top 10 nations that deserve our aid, and use the rest to start tackling our debt.  Nations that meet these three simple criteria can get aid from the US: They benefit America geopolitically, militarily and economically. If a nation meets 2 out of 3 criteria, they are eligible for humanitarian aid. If they meet all three criteria then they may receive humanitarian and military aid.

No more boots on the ground unless an immediate and impending military threat is at hand, or if humanitarian aid is in danger. Obviously if we need boots on the ground, we get in and get out. No more tying the hands of military personal on the ground by bureaucrats in DC who write policy without any care for the consequences that endanger our military. I would push for policy change that would require any Rules of Engagement (ROEs) to be vetted by not only the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but also a panel of veterans in both the House and Senate. These veterans know what the effect and outcome of horrible policies, policies like those during the Obama administration, actually do to our military personnel in combat.


I knows first hand how frustrating and dangerous horrible ROE's made by non-military politicians and bureaucrats can be to our men and women on the ground. The people who pass these ridiculous policies never have to suffer the consequences of their decisions. Once the politicians have engaged the military, the military leadership should be entrusted to conduct military operations without interference from said politicians. Oversight is one thing, becoming an impediment to military operations cost lives. Only two men who are not uniform officers should be involved: The President of the United States and the Secretary of Defense. 


One of my first pieces of legislation I will introduce is called "The Corrupt Politicians and Bureaucrats Accountability Act". This bill will force Congress to have a annual forensic audit of their financial accounts, lobbyist connections, and telephone/email communications over the last fiscal year by independent auditors. Next, it will require that if any oddities or potential crimes are found during the audit of an individual, that person will be required to temporarily step down from all committees and subcommittees during the investigation. Finally, if found in criminal violation of federal law, the Sergeant of Arms will remove that person from the Halls of Congress, and turn them over to Capitol Police for processing. Case and point of politician who should be out of office and potentially in jail is California Representatives Eric Swalwell. 


I have signed the US Term Limits Pledge, something our incumbent has refused to sign on multiple occasions. The US Term Limits Pledge states that term limits should be (3) two year terms for House, (2) six year terms for Senate; a total of 18 years in Congress. This will be one of the first bills I will introduce to Congress. Regardless if I am able to get Term Limits passed during my time in Congress, I will hold myself to the US Term Limits Pledge that I have signed. 


This is outrageous and we need to reign in not only the Government but Social Media platforms. These companies continue to abuse people’s freedoms and are now working with the government to monitor people who disagree with them. By selectively excluding persons while including others they agree with politically, they are practicing open discrimination.


While Facebook is a private company, it’s services are monopolistic, selective, pejorative and non-compliant with accepted social media practices and expectations. Their platform places them into the category of Public Goods. With the fact that Social Media services are deemed as Public Goods, and now are deputized by the current government to constrict free speech, monitor and report on Americans which violates their individual constitutional rights, they should be confined to the same laws and restrictions as non-private entities.


Newspapers and other media are held to account by the FCC and other agencies because they have editors who monitor information for public dispensation. Social media crossed the line into the realm of those entities that may be regulated by section 230 which states as follows;


Section 230 says that "No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider" (47 U.S.C. § 230). In other words, online intermediaries that host or republish speech are protected against a range of laws that might otherwise be used to hold them legally responsible for what others say and do.


In effect, as arbiters, editors and selective punishment of speech they disagree with., social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter and others are, by their actions, violating the law as stipulated. Section 230 protection must be stripped away from all social media platforms who engage in editorial discrimination.


We need to use the power of antitrust laws to break up monopolies like Google, Facebook and any other monopolies that have harmed the United States and disenfranchises Americans. This includes Big Pharma and other major companies, most of whom are owned by two companies: Vanguard and BlackRock