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Get Out and Vote!

"I come from a proud military family that has been involved in public service either through civil, federal or military service. As a combat veteran, I can no longer stand by and watch this nation continue to devolve into a failed state. I want to work for you. I want to bring honor back to Congress and power back to the people. We need to create more opportunities for low income neighborhoods, improve our schools, and make public safety, and the elimination of human trafficking top priorities. I know what it takes to find solutions; I am not afraid to stand up to corrupt politicians from either party, and I never will vote for any legislation that lines the pockets of politicians and their friends and leave Americans footing the bill ."


During this last year, parents have had to work around their children not being in school. This put a lot of strain on many families in North Carolina, but there is a silver lining. With the new mask mandates and schools over reaching in their authority, lots of parents are choosing to homeschool their kids or join a home schooling network. I believe North Carolina should expand its home schooling network. Instead of taxes going to the public school system, parents can opt out and have their taxes go into the home school or charter school network of their choice. 

Public Charter School, School Choice, and expanding the school lottery chances in North Carolina are important to the development of North Carolina's educational system. More importantly, these policies are important to our children's' futures.

We need to stop passing down the idea that a four-year degree is something everyone HAS to do in order to succeed in America. One of my main goals is to push for more Trade School Programs in high school, tying them into accredited technical colleges (like Cape Fear Community College). The end result would be for those students who want to continue into the trades, will have a solid foundation of whichever trade they wish to pursue.


Ideally, kids who complete the Trade School Programs should at least have basic knowledge of the trades while having earned college credits linked to whichever technical college the programs are through. Those who complete all 4 years of the Trade School Program should have earned enough accredited points to leave high school with a certificate in whichever trade they choose. This would allow them to be hirable immediately out of high school with a skill set employers are looking for.


Under the North Carolina Joint Underwriters Association - North Carolina Insurance Underwriting Association (NCJUA-NCIUA) insurance programs (and most major carriers), homes that do not have current/up-to-code major systems (plumbing, electrical, HVAC and roofs), are typically not eligible for a replacement-cost policy. So the next time a named storm comes, those homeowners are often left with damages to their property that they cannot afford. This is a current and long overlooked issue, specifically in Wilmington's Historic District and low-income neighborhoods. One of my goals is to push for grant programs in NC's Coastal Counties, specifically to allow lower-income families to make the much needed, basic home improvements required for them to qualify for replacement cost wind/hail insurance. 


One of the key issues for North Carolinians is the expansion of Medicaid for lower income families and individuals. This issue is important, and my plan is to work with our state officials on legislation and the budget to find how best to combat the issue of lack of healthcare to low income families and individuals. This could come from finding another avenue of funds to be used to help with split between Republicans and Democrats. 


I am pro "states rights". What this means is that I believe it should be the states who decide what products can be regulated, made illegal, or free use. I am for decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level. This would allow small businesses, who have invested in the cannabis and hemp products in states that have legalized marijuana, to be allowed to claim the federal tax rebate from their goods. It brings states that were in violation of federal law, back into adherence of federal law. For states who wish to legalize marijuana, they can now regulate and tax the products to increase state GDP. 

If North Carolina legalized medical marijuana, farmers would be able to expand the type of products they could grow into new markets. This would generate massive taxes for North Carolina, which could be used to help offset the worries of the  financial burden of expanding Medicaid and the reliance on federal funding for programs like beach refurbishment for our coastal cities. It would also help with lowering crime rates in relation to marijuana arrests. This could also be used as a precedent to expand on President Trump's "First Step Act" and allow us to lower the number of inmates currently in prison.

I also believes in looking into the coverage of Heath Insurance. If you get in a car accident in another state, your car insurance is still good but not your out-of-network medical insurance? This seems to be an issue not touched on by many politicians and I believe it is time to investigate the reason why. Just to be clear, I am NOT a proponent for Universal Healthcare. It just seems logical to look into the 'out-of-network' side of insurance and see why it only covers so little. 

Currently only around 10% of hospitals are following the Healthcare PRICE Transparency Act sponsored by Senator Chuck Grassley. We need to force hospitals to comply with the law, or face heavy fines and penalties; penalties that can not be passed on to the consumers. I want to work with the NC General Assembly to create a registry or database that patients can go to and research what their procedures will cost. 

I also want to look into why there is a disparity in pricing for patients who have insurance vs. those who pay out of pocket. If a procedure costs $5000 with a max-out-of-pocket of $2500, why does a patient who has the same procedure yet chooses to pay out-of-pocket for the entire amount get a bill for $9000? This violates both logic and common sense. I will work to address these issues and other illogical laws in NC, like why NC insurance adjusters can increase rates without going through the General Assembly.


I am a strong supporter of Campaign Finance Reform. For too long, only the rich or well-connected seem to be the ones running for office...and winning. I am a grassroots candidate and believes that all politicians should be required to report any contributions within 24 hours upon receipt of donation. I believe in removing the cap for individual donations directly to their candidates race, not relying upon Super PAC's to have such influence and hold on our elections. 

I am also in favor of a new FEC regulation that would prevent any elected official or candidate from being able to raise out-of-state funds. The only exception being for Presidential Candidates.

I believe in holding politicians accountable (both civil and criminal) just as any other American who breaks the law. No more of people like Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden hiding behind money and politics for their crimes; crimes that for any other American made would land them in jail for at least 15-20 years. 

Dereliction of duty, not showing up when you're supposed to be in Congress, not being accountable for the wasteful spending and rising inflation are just some of the corrupt actions for which politicians have seldom been held accountable. It is as simple as this: If any business owner ran their company like Congress runs the nation, they would be out of business and in jail for fraud. One of my top priorities is holding not just Congress but State and Local politicians to the same standards and accountability as every other American.


North Carolina has a consistently been in the top 10 for states that have a human trafficking issue.  It is estimated that 40+ million people are currently trafficked worldwide, and a majority are women and children (Amcghee, Human trafficking statistics and resources for NC, 2020). North Carolina is fighting back against this injustice, specifically the North Carolina Human Trafficking Commission. We need to work with the Human Trafficking Commission, advocacy groups, and law enforcement to continue the fight against the criminals who live and profit from the victimization of human beings. We need stronger mandatory federal laws, to complete the southern border wall, to eliminate sanctuary cities where this criminal activity proliferates and to increase law enforcement capabilities at the local, state and federal level for interdiction.